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Our group has been over the years evolved with an organic approach to strategy, leading to a flexible yet strong supply chain, where we have encouraged product development and innovation through our JV partners and Affiliates.

We stay ahead of competition, by carefully selecting the companies to partner with, and providing our customers with the key solutions they need now and in the future. We are a dynamic company, and always open to new strategic paths, as long as there is a demand from our customers, and it leads to stronger customer satisfaction. Our Management and employees can offer our partners assistance with Market Planning and Regional Expansion, as well as customer and market feedback during the entire process of establishing your business in the UAE. With our vast knowledge and network in the region, the process of getting your products and services registered and approved with the region oil and gas companies will be much easier, and we will support you all the way. We have a team of active sales business development professionals that will not only generate sales leads, but also support your company with implementing your market strategy.

We focus on creating an alliance that provides the best value and long term relationship with our partners and customers.

We provide a complete package of business and advisory services, to support business owners and Management from abroad, on the challenges and common problems they face when entering the UAE market. Through our experience in the UAE for more than two decades, we have built a reputation as a problem solver to our partners and customers, which is built on an open dialog from the start of our relationship.

We provide PRO & Administration services for new and existing businesses providing advice, and to maintain complete records of their employee’s visas and other data. Our local and other Arabic nationality professionals, can also help with approaching and getting in contact with all Governmental departments in the U.A.E. in an efficient and more productive manner.

Al Shoumoukh Group of Companies
ISO 9001:2015 / ISO 14001:2015 / ISO 45001:2018 Certified
API QR 2787 / API QR 2799 / API 7 1285 Certified

Al Shoumoukh Ggroup is an ICV 3.0 Certified Company

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