Environmental Services

Al Shoumoukh Group can provide a vast range of Waste Management Services, and have over the years gather substantial experience within the categories listed below. For more details on how we can support you in your operations, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  •   Cutting Treatment
  •   Oil Spill Management
  •   Tank Cleaning
  •   Waste Water Analysis
  •   Preliminary investigation plans
  •   Plans for characterization of contaminated sites
  •   Remediation Plans
  •   Site specific risk analysis
  •   Site surveys (probings, installation of monitoring wells, soil gas survey, georadar)
  •   Removal of tanks parks (remediation, gas-free certification, disposal)
  •   Monitoring of the potential contamination of the subsoil
  •   Disposal of contaminated soils
  •   Chemical analysis of soils and waters
  •   Emergency Containing Measures (hydraulic barriers, removal of contamination sources)
  •   In-situ procedures of remediation (soil venting, air sparging, ecc)

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