Artificial Lift Technology

Gas Lift Valves are used to artificially lift Oil/Gas from wells which are not flowing on their own. This method closely resembles natural flow process and is the most economical method for artificial lifting Oil/Gas from depleted wells. Al Shoumoukh supplies a wide range of wire line retrievable and conventional Dummy Valves & latches in 1” & 15” OD models

  • Dummy Valves

    Dummy Valves

    Al Shoumoukh 1" and 1.5" OD Wire line Retrievable Dummy Valve is an isolation tool designed to blank communication between tubing and casing. This valve can be used any time to blank off a side pocket mandrel. Communcation between tubing and casing is positively blanked off untill the dummy valve is removed from the pocket by standard wire line procedures.

  • Gaslift Valves

    Gaslift Valves

    Al Shoumoukh offers a wide range of gas lift valves for the 1-in and 1 ½-in OD wireline retrievable and tubing retrievable applications. These valves come with Stainless Steel or premium materials and special 3 ply Monel bellows, Tungsten Carbide ball and Silver brazed bellow connections to prevent bellow over stroke.

  • Latches


    Al Shoumoukh offers a wide range of latches for 1-in and 1 ½-in segment. These latches are wire line retrievable latches that are utilized to latch devices into the pocket of a gas lift mandrel. Latches are specifically designed to lock in place when located in either 180 degree or 360 degree latching pocket profile.

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