International Manufacturing of Drilling & Production Equipment

Al Shoumoukh Group has been a reliable and respected manufacturer and supplier to the oil and gas sector for almost three decades. Through our international partners we manufacture a series of products, in different locations around the world. All according to our customer's specific requirements. For ourselves and our clients, we’ve accomplished this safely and reliably on a consistent basis, earning the trust and respect of our customers. That’s why we are proud to offer the following component products to you below. Our team of engineers and experts can also tailor make products if this is required. Always with a guarantee of unrivaled quality and superior service

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intl manufacturing 2
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  •   Adapters
  •   Base Plates
  •   Casing Heads
  •   Crosses & Tees
  •   Drilling Spools
  •   Gate Valve Bodies
  •   Lockdown Screws
  •   Tree Caps
  •   Tubing Heads
  •   Production Choke Bodies
  •   Frac Heads

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