Costella Natural Mineral Water

Al Shoumoukh Group is a supplier of mineral spring water Costella. Costella’s water is natural spring water located directly from its source. It is not filtered nor desalinated unlike other major globally sold waters, this mineral water is a natural product which it is bottled just as it springs from the source. The natural mineral water of Costella is distinguished by its high quality, beneficial balance of minerals and a neutral pH. It is suitable for low-sodium diets due to the low sodium content.

Costella’s bottling plant is situated next to the remains of a primeval forest in the municipality of Kostel. The landscape is on the outskirts of the Karst region featuring its distinguishing characteristics. Natural mineral water is pumped from a 100m deep well source that is situated right below the plant. Costella is an environmentally friendly and technologically advanced bottling plant. In respect of its quality, this makes our water one of the best waters. Costella has been bottled since 2007, winning 44 national and international awards.

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