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Al Shoumoukh Group is a supplier of mineral spring water Costella. Costella’s water is natural spring water located directly from its source. It is not filtered nor desalinated unlike other major globally sold waters, this mineral water is a natural product which it is bottled just as it springs from the source



Contains a unique blend of organic solvents, surfactants, emulsifiers, chelates and corrosion inhibitors that ensure faster, less labor intensive cleaning. Excess moisture is dispersed very quickly to accelerate drying time and a protective finish inhibits flash rust on exposed metals.


Our Environmental products and services, covers a vast area of business segments and is constantly evolving according to our customers’ requirements. Our product lines and services have been built up over many years, and as a result we have a strong supply chain, that has been developed according to the latest of the industry quality requirements, and manufactured according to the latest of global environmental standards.

Al Shoumoukh General Trading has been an important part of our Organizations development, and has set the path for many of our current product lines and Services. With our broad network of suppliers in the Middle East and globally, we are able to provide new and old customers with quality solutions and at a competitive price. Our QHSE Policies and Corporate values ensure our customers that they will get the best service and products needed, according to their technical requirements and expectations

The products listed here are only a sample of what we can source through our network. Please get in touch with us, if you have any difficulties finding a product or service within your market, and we will do our best to come up with a solution for you, according to your requirements.

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